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Copyright 1999,2000,2001 Cristiano Sadun

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1. Purpose

ProcessMonitor is a small os/dependent java library which allows to retrieve information about running processes. The current implementation uses native calls for Win32, and the ps shell command for Unix.

2. Requirements

Since the ProcessMonitor library makes use of JNI, JRE1.1 or higher version is needed.
To compile the sources, you need JDK1.1 or higher. For the Win32 Dll, an nmake makefile is provided, requiring MS VC++ 6.0 cl and link to compile.

3. Download and install

Go to the sourceforge project page for downloading the JAR library and/or the Win32 Dll (see 4.).

The zip file contains (in /lib) a win32 native library, which has to be copied in a directory where it is loadable by the JVM which is going to execute the library code - typically one of the directories in the shell's PATH.

4. Compiling the source code

An ant script (build.xml) is used to compile the java code and package the jar, zip and src bundles. In turn, this script invokes an nmake makefile generated by VC++6.0 to compile the win32 native ProcessMonitor implementation.

Since the code uses the PSAPI, you need the Microsoft™ SDK to compile the DLL. Alternatively, you can keep the compiled version in and delete the line <antcall target="compile-lib-win32"/> under the package-binaries target in the ant script.

Copyright 1999,2000,2001 Cristiano Sadun